Diane Mallery

Diane portrait.jpg

My Favorite Hat


Grace, precision, power and inspiration - Diane loves to channel her inner Ginger Rogers, choreographing the right moves to create successful partnerships with her clients. 

Better out than in: out of the box, out of doors, outgoing, thoughtfully outspoken. Old movie buff. Seeker of the next Great Conversation.

Diane brings to Dunleavy & Associates her fifteen years of development experience at the independent school and college level, and thirteen years of investment and financial planning experience at Merrill Lynch, where she concentrated in long range and retirement planning. With a donor centered approach, she has successfully executed capital campaigns, leadership and planned giving strategies and milestone reunion events. She is particularly proud of her results in increasing donor engagement and satisfaction, producing higher dollars raised and greater donor/organization affinity.

Diane earned her B.A. in Music from Haverford College. She is a member of the Haverford College Corporation (Advisory & Fundraising Committees), and serves on the Board of Singing City Choir, one of Philadelphia’s finest amateur, mission based choirs.

Diane can be reached here.