Our team collaborates with your organization to develop a roadmap for success. Our strategic planning process analyzes and documents your beliefs, mission, strategic parameters, objectives and strategies. We also conduct an extensive study of internal and external influences within the context of competitive landscape and critical issues facing your organization. We share our professional experience scaling mission-driven programs with your organization. The end result is a thoroughly researched plan that your leaders and stakeholders have engaged in developing.  The final product will reflect the path the organization is on and how to communicate that direction to funders and other key stakeholders. 


The team that leads the implementation of an organization’s mission is just as important as the mission itself. Different than most search firms, Dunleavy & Associates’ team brings decades of lived experience leading for-profit and nonprofit organizations in our region and beyond. We have a thorough understanding of the technical and soft skills required to successfully lead advocacy, direct-service or philanthropic organizations. We use our first-hand experience and our professional networks to custom design and implement an executive search process that will honor the mission of your organization. The “Dunleavy Difference” is that, if needed, we provide interim leadership staffing and work with your Board and senior staff to facilitate a smooth on-boarding experience for the selected candidate.


As licensed Standards for Excellence © PA Licensed Consultants we bring the best sector practices and decades of experience serving as board members

We work with leadership to strengthen and grow their volunteer boards in their fiduciary roles.  Retreats are a great way to begin and we have expert facilitators who will guide your board in visioning and implementation of their goals.



Successful development efforts allow you to fulfill your mission, enhance your vision and strengthen capacity. Let our team of tenured fundraisers inspire your leadership and generate new ideas and energy toward meeting your goals. Nonprofits have strict budget resources and cannot risk losing momentum or pausing fundraising efforts during staff transitions, program development, or strategic planning processes. Often nonprofits seek to transition from all-volunteer activities to onboarding their first ever development director. The “Dunleavy Difference” is that, if needed, we provide interim or ongoing development staffing and work with your leadership to support transitions. While you are focused on big picture deliverables, let our team of experts drive the following short or long-term development and fundraising projects:


  • Annual Appeals and Reports
  • Board Training and Development
  • Campaign Management
  • Donor Cultivation / Relationship Building
  • Fundraising Events
  • Interim Staffing
  • Prospect Research/Wealth Screening
  • Grant Writing

In today’s digital age, non-profit organizations are competing against a global array of civil society organizations, large corporations and businesses for the attention of board members, donors, volunteers and clients. Your brand, marketing and public relations strategies matter. Together, we will plan and implement an integrated marketing and public relations strategy that helps you engage the audience and grow your organization. Our team quickly identifies gaps in communications and marketing strategies and realizes opportunities to hone messaging for donor and stakeholder audiences. Solutions are often as simple as proper planning and empowering key team members that are accountable for communications and marketing deliverables. Other times, radical re-branding provides new energy for leaders, donors, and board members to become more engaged to meet mission-driven program goals. 





Nonprofit organizations rely on signature events to gather their community of support (friend-raising), celebrate their mission and raise significant funds. However, these events can be taxing on your time and resources. Our team of creative professionals can manage the logistics of planning, organizing and coordinating an annual gala, anniversary celebration, educational summit, or other special function. We will partner with your team to bring recognition to your meaningful mission.


Strong organizations have a perfect match of talents to tasks in each position. We call this the right hats on the right heads. Our team works side by side yours, providing direct services and support as needed. We work with board and executive teams to understand how an organization is changing and growing, what functions need to be filled temporary or in the long term. Occasionally, we take organizations through much needed leadership changes that enhance the sustainability of an organization.

  • Organizational Assessment – We provide independent analysis to support growth and sustainability decisions.
  • Contracted Leadership – We can fill leadership vacancies on an interim or long term-contracted basis.
  • Membership Management
  • CRM Assistance

  • Process Improvement Mapping

  • Peer to Peer Fundraising Tools

  • Website Development/Maintenance

  • Market/Stakeholder Surveys and Analysis