Carolyn Rammel

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My Favorite Hat


How many ways can the baseball cap be worn? (Brim forward, sideways, backward.) And for how many reasons is one worn? (To block the sun, as part of the team uniform, to mask a bad hair day.) In a word, the cap has great Versatility. And versatility is what Carolyn brings to her clients and the Dunleavy team. From strategic planning to culture design, Carolyn’s focus is always on the unique needs of her clients.

Nature nut. Grateful traveler of the world. Could probably survive on sushi, blueberries, and mint chocolate chip ice cream…AKA “Sporty”.

Carolyn brings over 25 years of experience in the non and for-profit sectors. Areas of expertise include strategic planning, facilitation, leadership development, governance and culture design. Additionally, Carolyn brings experience in leading a global, multi-cultural leadership development program across Asia, Europe and the US. As an adviser and collaborator who employs active listening, constituency engagement and a laser focus on purpose, Carolyn guides her clients to create defined strategic goals, driven leaders, engaged partners and desired cultures.

Carolyn can be reached here.