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Go to Summer Reading

Summertime is all about relaxing and enjoying some time to breathe easy. During the moments to kick back and relax, Dunleavy & Associates wants you to enjoy what we’re reading on our days off. We’ve compiled a list of both fiction and non-fiction books that our team is enjoying as well as our personal reviews.

They've got their costumes! Do you?


Photo credit: @PleaseTouchMuseum

Photo credit: @PleaseTouchMuseum

I love Halloween – Why? Well, it’s the precursor to the “holidays” and, in recent years, it has been the harbinger “of sleep...” that we will be reclaiming that hour of sleep we forfeited in the spring.  Besides the candy, it’s a seasonal invitation to let one’s creativity abound—thinking of the infinite number or character or costume possibilities.  Most fitting, I suppose that this is the season when two of our regions newest icons have been introduced:  “Gritty” representing the Philadelphia Flyers and “Squiggles” the new face of the Please Touch Museum.   

Whether you love ‘em or not, mascots have power – as Webster says… to bring them good luck.  

mascot definition.png

So, this seems like the right moment to say that we at Dunleavy have a mascot and we’d like to introduce you to him… his name is Seamus O’Dunleavy


Seamus is small but he has mightily magical powers... he generously showers good luck on our team by bringing wonderful new organizations into our orbit every day.  

This month Seamus’s magic brought us Special Olympics Pennsylvania, Share Food Program, Philadelphia Aquatic Center, Wissahickon Valley Public Library, Neighborhood Gardens Trust and Washington Memorial Heritage.

Here’s to a happy Halloween and more magic from our favorite leprechaun Seamus (who some have observed looks like Gritty’s irish cousin)!

-Nancy Dunleavy

Founder, CEO and Seamus’ Best Friend

The Zipper Scar Story

“Zipper” is what small children call their open-heart surgery scars. We honor all those little hearts during February’s Heart Month and are excited to share our client, Healthy NewsWorksHearty Kids project which is promoting heart health awareness for students in kindergarten through second grade.



The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia shares, congenital heart disease, those conditions you are born with, are 60 times more prevalent than childhood cancer. 


25% of these kids will need heart surgery or an intervention to survive.


Healthy NewsWorks’ student journalists are 5- to 7-year-old reporters who are gathering facts about heart health and working with their classroom teachers and Healthy NewsWorks staff, to write and illustrate a section for each school’s newspaper. They promote the newspapers in their schools and share them with their families. Of parents surveyed, 70 percent said they discussed their elementary school’s Healthy NewsWorks newspaper with their kids.

Healthy NewsWorks mission is to empower student journalists to transform the health of their communities. Click to share child-appropriate heart videos: http://healthynewsworks.org/hearty-kids/


~Jeannette Fournier, Engagement Team Leader at Dunleavy & Associates

February 2018