Sunday Breakfast Club

Organizational Management

The Challenge

In 2011, the Steering Committee of the Sunday Breakfast Club, historically run by volunteers, determined a need for professional management services. Initially, the Committee identified a few key areas for process improvement like event planning, member relations and financial administration, but before those services could be strengthened, new systems needed to be implemented. 

Strategic Solution

Dunleavy & Associates partnered with the Sunday Breakfast Club to assess, create or improve the following systems:

  • Event planning and reception hospitality for 7 programs a year
  • Member relations, new member process management and database maintenance
  • Website redesign and email marketing
  • Financial administration
  • Sponsor benefit fulfillment
  • Steering Committee staffing and support 

The Results

Since 2011, Dunleavy & Associates has managed the organizational operations of the Sunday Breakfast Club. Throughout this partnership, we have cut event expenses by roughly ___%, improved record keeping and communications which has resulted in increased program attendance. Our work has also enabled the Steering Committee to analyze and prioritize initiatives based on key program and membership data we’ve provided. 

About the Sunday Breakfast Club

The Sunday Breakfast Club is an invited membership organization comprised of a diverse group of current and emerging leaders from the Philadelphia Region's business, non-profit and government sectors who come together on a regular basis to learn from each other as well as other thought leaders and engage in conversation about the issues of our time.