Angel Flight East

Organizational Management

The Challenge

In 2011, Angel Flight East’s Executive Director tendered her resignation just before their annual gala, On Angel’s’ Wings.  The Dunleavy team was quickly engaged, staffing the Interim Executive Director role along with an events-focused project associate to ensure that the gala continued seamlessly.  

While much of Dunleavy’s initial work centered on the gala, the establishment of the Interim Director position, executive search as well as board development, an additional and highly unique challenge soon surfaced: There existed only one mission coordinator to handle the growing number of calls from families patients in need, with no coverage relief plan in place to resolve this critical staffing issue affecting AFE’s operations and life-saving mission.

Strategic Solution

Dunleavy & Associates’ greatest strength is the ability to continually assess the needs of our clients and provide customized solutions for all involved.  Therefore, in an unprecedented move, the Dunleavy team recommended to AFE that our project associate be trained in mission control to provide relief coverage for the current coordinator.  A second Dunleavy staff member was also trained, enabling additional support for this critical position. 

As Executive Director and mission coordinator positions presented retention challenges, the Dunleavy team was re-engaged as interim staff so that AFE’s operations and events could continue without interruption.

Upon further assessment of AFE’s needs in 2013, our team was asked to provide communications in addition to and event support for On Angels’ Wings, Wings N’ Wheels and two fall/winter events at the Philadelphia Aviation Country Club.


Dunleavy’s mission coordinator relief team proudly reported 448 scheduled missions logged from 2012-2013.  They successfully recruited a new Executive Director and trained a new mission coordinator, remaining to support both respective transitions.  And their board development work resulted in the successful recruitment of new and enthusiastic board members.

On Angel’s’ Wings was re-energized by the team as a “reverse auction” concept was introduced, whereby guests were asked to provide donations, live-auction-style, for a greatly needed emergency fund.  Gross revenue for the event increased by +22% in 2012 vs. prior year.

About Angel Flight East

Angel Flight East (AFE) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to facilitating free air transportation for children and adults with medical conditions who require transportation for treatment far from home.  AFE serves the Eastern region of the United States.  AFE volunteer pilots use their private planes to fly our patients to their destinations. These men and women pay for all expenses for each mission they fly.