Those who wish to learn, teach!


By Patty Poach

Last week we celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week with faculty lunches and recognizing teachers with creative gifts and ideas from Pinterest. This week began with Mother’s Day, a tribute to all moms for everything they do.

When I was seven years old, I wrote in My Book About Me that I wanted to be a mom and a teacher when I grow up. So these recent days of observance got me thinking about how even though my profession is not a school teacher, I am a teacher every day.

Mothers really are our first teachers and I am blessed to be called mom by two amazing girls who provide me with teachable moments throughout every day. My career as a communications and development professional also provides me with the opportunity to teach.

At Dunleavy and Associates, we share our expertise with co-workers, colleagues and clients. We collaborate to help our clients, primarily charitable organizations, achieve their missions and reach their goals. The workplace provides some of the best teaching and coaching opportunities.

We each adopt different roles in our everyday lives, and these numerous roles change in various situations. How many hats do you wear? I am a wife, mother, friend, employee, co-worker, mentor, volunteer and the list goes on. One of the hats I wear proudly is teacher and I believe we all have a role as a teacher in some capacity in our families and workplace, and even with people we don’t know.

I also recently celebrated a birthday, which causes me to pause and reflect on the past year and think ahead to what the next year will bring. I want to be a better teacher and inspire others to achieve their highest potential. We can all make a difference by thinking about our actions and setting a good example. Learning comes from observation, practice, and experience and often mistakes provide an incredible learning opportunity. I truly believe that it is better to give than to receive. What will you teach today with your actions and words? Who will you teach?