Quest Therapeutic Services 

Organizational Assessment

The Challenge

Quest Therapeutic Services weathered severe financial challenges following the untimely passing of the Founder.   The board was able through creativity and focused effort, to stabilize the finances but now faced the challenge identifying and recruiting a new leader.  Additionally, it had been quite a period since the organization had updated its strategic plan or taken the time to evaluate itself in the marketplace.  The task was to understand how the organization had evolved under the founder, identify its strengths and challenges and be able to articulate it all as it initiated a search for a new leader.

Strategic Solution

Dunleavy & Associates performed a short but deep organizational assessment; speaking and surveying partners, funders, employees and board members.  The results of the assessment presented to the board of directors.  This renewed insight provided the basis for the organization to build an updated position description. 

The Results

Support Center for Child Advocates proudly celebrated their 40th Anniversary in 2017 at their Anniversary Benefit Reception & Auction. They received over 500 auction items and raised over $600,000.  With over 900 event attendees, this was by far their largest event thus far. The organization will be continuing its annual event with Dunleavy as their partner in Spring 2018 with the hopes of this being the most successful event in the organizations history. Support Center for Child Advocates continues to work with Dunleavy each year as their trusted ally. 

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