Kelly Belmonte


My Favorite Hat


With the heart of a warrior and soul of a poet, Kelly takes on the most daunting of client challenges with vigor, strategic thinking, and a full cache of creativity. The Viking warrior helmet represents the courage and confidence to ensure success on behalf of the most noble causes.

Unapologetic poet, puttering gardener, and beach walker. An outgoing introvert, always listening for the “ah ha” moment. Also, makes a mean guacamole.

A highly effective development leader, Kelly finds joy in helping mission-focused organizations identify then realize their most important strategic goals. Kelly has a consistent track record of starting and growing profitable new initiatives for satisfied stakeholders within non-profit, management consulting, and education organizations. Her extensive communications, fundraising, and program management experience serves her clients well.

Kelly holds a BA in English Literature from Gordon College and an MS in Business Management from New England College. Even so, she has learned more from being a mom of a teenager and wife of an author/historian. Kelly enjoys life on the rocky coast of Maine with her family.

Kelly can be reached here.