Toni Hartman

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My Favorite Hat


With her Chef’s hat in tow, Toni is able to handle the heat of the kitchen and fast paced environment of event management. She is able to position the right ingredients to create a finished project that clients will want to sink their teeth into.

Wordsmith with a quick-witted ability to spark a smile. Avid hiker. Dog-mom. Enthusiastically passionate to understand the needs of others.

Toni joins the Dunleavy team after numerous nonprofit internships and a stint in AmeriCorps. She brings our clients a passion for their cause and the work ethic to get the job done. With a background in research and writing, Toni has a strong ability to convey clients’ needs to donors and beyond. Her eagerness to learn from all experiences makes her a fast study with the ability to pick up new skills swiftly.

Toni received her BA in Political Science from Temple University. She currently lives in the Philadelphia suburbs and enjoys spending time outdoors with friends and family.

Toni can be reached here.