Jeannette Fournier 

Jeannette Headshot 3.JPG

My Favorite Hat


Her "hat" is the equestrian helmet because she quickly identifies the fundraising hurdles an organization needs to vault over to achieve sustainability. 

Painter, reader, writer. Fundraising enthusiast. Mother of boys. Outward Bound alumni who loves the smell of mountains after it rains and seasonal leaf peeping. 

Jeannette Fournier brings over fifteen years of experience in nonprofit management, fundraising and marketing to the Dunleavy & Associates team. She has worked with research and advocacy organizations, direct-service charities, and volunteer-led programs based in Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., California, West and Southern Africa and Europe. She has served as a member of the UNESCO-World Economic Forum education task force, on Girls Leadership’s Board of Directors and is active in her community.  Jeannette received her BA in Political Science from Drew University (completing a semester at the United Nations) and her Masters of International Law with International Relations from Kent University's Brussels School of International Studies.  

Jeannette can be reached here.